HighDRO®- Potable Water Tanks:

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HighDRO® Potable Water Tanks are an effective and economical way to store potable
(drinking) water for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial installations.
They are constructed to the highest standards to ensure a safe, contamination-free
environment. NSF, UL and AWWA compliant protective linings and coatings are
factory-applied to form a hard, inert barrier for both the interior and exterior surfaces
of the tank to prevent corrosion. These strong, factory-welded stainless steel or
factory-coated carbon steel water tanks are pressure tested for tightness to ensure the
quality and dependability of the water supply. The high-strength yet lightweight
impermeable steel shell combines with our HighDRO®-Liner Plus polymer
composite water storage liner to provide a flexible, long-lasting top quality tank system.