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Steel: The Material of Choice
The Steel Advantage
Steel is the material of choice at
Highland Tank because of its many
advantages, and it should be yours
too. As a construction material,
steel is strong, affordable, reliable
and environmentally friendly. Steel's
unique combination of properties and
characteristics enable it to achieve
performance levels required in today's
storage tanks.
Because of its product compatibility,
steel is the best choice for your liquid
storage needs, including motor fuels,
biofuels, heating oils, aviation fuels,
lube oils and chemicals.
Superior Structual Design
Recycled steel products
are important to projects
striving to achieve LEED
certification. Highland Tank
can help companies earn
valuable Materials and
Resources credits.
Specified for Strength
We buy steel according to our own
strict guidelines and rigid ASTM
specifications. All of our steel is mild
carbon and fine grain with superior
toughness and surface quality that
offers both weldability and improved
corrosion resistance. The time-tested
strength and performance of steel
remains unparalleled.
Steel's structural integrity can
withstand even extreme weather
conditions or natural disasters.
State-of-the-art fabrication technology,
welding, linings and coatings reinforce
the durability of Highland's mild carbon
and stainless steel products.
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