Grease Removal Systems - page 11

As all of our steel tank products are
100% recyclable, Highland Tank will
form an integral part of your “green”
building and will provide contemporary
architects and engineers with a forceful
response to our society's sensitive,
environmental concerns.
Environmental Benefits
Steel has the highest recycling rate
of any durable material in the United
States. Unlike concrete or plastic
storage tanks, even those reinforced
with fiberglass, recycled steel storage
tanks ultimately keep a valuable
commodity out of the nation’s landfills.
In addition, the latest recycling
processes drastically reduce industrial
emissions by over 70% to air and
water, accompanied by a reduction of
approximately 30% in the amount
of energy required to produce our
new steel.
“Green” Building and Buying
Highland Tank is the largest
manufacturer of environmentally-friendly
steel tank products in the United States.
Why is this important to our customers?
Buying “green” is an opportunity to
use our resources efficiently, build a
better environment and provide cost
savings. The EPA has even proposed
new federal procurement guidelines for
recycled products.
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