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Leadership in Design & Quality
We offer innovative steel fabrication,
combined with a variety of specialty
coatings, designed to meet your
specific needs at a competitive price.
Many of our grease removal systems
feature patented Highland technology
and are constructed of mild carbon
or stainless steel, meeting ASTM
specifications. Our premium stainless
steel interceptors are TIG welded to
produce high-precision, pure welds
with quality unmatched by our
All of our interceptors are built according
to national plumbing codes and UL,
ASME, IAPMO and PDI standards.
Highland Tank and Steel Tank Institute
specifications are followed to ensure
complete internal and external
corrosion protection. We can supply
a full range of equipment packages,
and we excel in custom fabrication for
unique situations. Highland Tank can
design, engineer and fabricate the one­
of­‑a‑kind interceptors necessary for the
successful operation of your facility.
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