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Few names in the field of grease
interceptor manufacturing are as
widely recognized as Highland Tank.
Our products are available in a wide
range of sizes and types of construction,
with a variety of options for
Material Selection
In today's demanding market, stainless
steel and coated carbon steel are
the “products of choice” for grease
interceptor construction. Engineers
who specify the use of steel are
assured of consistent quality, design
flexibility and greater strength for any
type of interceptor construction.
Nothing can match steel's durability
and longevity.
Our fabrication specialists use the
finest materials available including type
304, 304L, 316 and 316L stainless
steel or carbon steel that meets
ASTM specifications. Beginning with
the inspection of raw materials and
throughout the manufacturing process,
rigorous testing and documentation
procedures assure compliance with the
most stringent industry standards.
Flawless Fabrication
Highly qualified craftsmen, skilled in
carbon steel and stainless steel
fabrication, take pride in their work to
fabricate an interceptor that is second
to none. Steel plates from 10 gauge to
1-1/4 inch thick are rolled to form the
rigid shell of the vessel. The plates are
formed, fitted and welded creating an
impermeable interceptor of superior
strength. Lap joints with an overlap
provide superior “ribbed” construction.
Steel baffles and bulkheads are added
to create multiple compartments for
fluid treatment, pump and storage
options. Flat-flanged heads are
standard, as are continuous exterior
welds on all joints.
Standard Construction
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