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The “Stainless” Advantage
When hygiene and durability are
paramount, there is no alternative to
stainless steel. Our interceptors are
made from type-304 stainless steel for
superior strength, corrosion resistance
and fabricable ability. All seams are
Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welded,
giving our skilled craftsmen greater
control over the weld, allowing for
stronger, higher quality welds than
competing procedures. The bright,
easily maintained surface of stainless
steel provides a modern and attractive
Additionally, our final steel polishing
delivers an ultra-smooth and shimmering
finish, regardless of the size
or shape of your interceptor.
Factory Testing
Leak integrity tests consisting of
a 5-psi factory air test and seam
inspections are conducted. Where an
air test is impractical, a hydrostatic test
is performed.
To help reduce field-commissioning
time, all mechanical, electrical and
plumbing systems are factory tested
for performance to ensure that the
highest levels of quality are maintained.
We are committed to excellence in
designing and fabricating carbon and
stainless steel interceptors that meet
the highest standards of performance
and quality.
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