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Grease Removal Systems
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Innovative Solutions for All Types of
Municipal Wastewater Discharge Problems
Highland Tank provides you with the
strongest and most reliable grease
interceptors in the industry. Our
interceptors are designed to remove
animal and vegetable-based fats, oil
and grease (FOG) from wastewater
discharged from FSEs.
Many municipalities have strict sewer
discharge limits that govern the
amount of FOG and solids that can be
discharged by a FSE. Highland Tank is
known for grease removal systems that
exceed industry standards.
Our extensive line of commercial and
specialty grease interceptors are
designed to meet your specific needs,
as well as to help solve many
application-related problems.
Highland Tank's complete line of
grease removal systems includes:
Grease Interceptors (AGI)
are grease removal
devices (GRD) designed to handle
discharges of FOG generated
predominately from washing and
cleaning operations in restaurants and
food preparation facilities. They
automatically remove grease from
the interceptor with an electrical/
mechanical skimmer.
Passive Grease Interceptors (PGI)
PGIs are gravity-based grease
interceptors designed to remove large
quantities of FOG generated and
discharged by large commercial/
institutional kitchens and food service
establishments. They are sized to
comply with all national and municipal
plumbing codes, including those with
30-minute retention times. The PGI’s
high-strength but light-weight,
impermeable steel shell combines
with an acid-resistant liner to provide
a flexible, long lasting and top-quality
grease interceptor.
Manual Grease Interceptors (MGI)
MGIs are hydromechanical grease
interceptors typically installed indoors
where they can be hooked up to a
sanitary sewer that does not mandate
an automatic grease removal device.
Solids Interceptors
Highland fabricates a variety of strainer
devices designed to catch solid waste
before it enters a grease interceptor or
a facility's sewage system.
Highland Tank manufactures to multiple
codes based on the requirements of
the installation site and authority
having jurisdiction (AHJ).
Common Applications Include:
• Airports
• Casinos
• Convenience Stores
• Convention Centers
• Correction Facilities
• Food Processing Plants
• Grocery Stores & Hypermarkets
• Hospitals & Health Care Facilities
• Hotels & Resorts
• Military Base Mess Halls
• Quick Serve Restaurants & Diners
• Restaurants
• School & University Cafeterias
• Shopping Malls
• Sports Arenas
• Truck Stops & Travel Centers
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