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Automatic Grease Interceptors
Automatic Grease
Interceptors (AGI) are designed to
intercept and remove large quantities of
fats, oils and grease (FOG) discharged
from FSE and large commercial/
institutional kitchens, which might
interfere with the proper drainage and
treatment of municipal wastewater.
These high-performance GRD are
suitable for aboveground or
underground vaulted installations and
conform to most municipal sewer
pretreatment programs. Point-source
units are relatively small, allowing
installation in a kitchen under a sink or
other limited space. They are typically
connected to the drain lines between
the pot washing sink, the dishwasher
pre-rinse sink and the sewer drain.
Larger volume end-of-pipe units are
usually installed in the building's
basement and service an entire
facility’s kitchen fixtures, including all
floor drains. Either style incorporates
our patented, electrically powered
mechanical grease-skimming device.
Proven Performance
• Recovers, removes and recycles
nearly 100% of the FOG from
restaurant kitchen drains —
recovered grease can be
utilized as a valuable feedstock
for Biodiesel production
• Removes oily food solids before
blockages occur in pipes
• Removes grease automatically on
a preprogrammed, timed basis
using digital technology
• Minimizes the daily routine of
grease interceptor cleaning -
a substantial cost savings
• With only one moving part, the
requires little
• Equipped with reliable, heavy-duty
direct-drive electric motors for
long-term use without overheating
• Designed and constructed in
accordance with Underwriters
Laboratories, Inc. UL 430 Standard
(Control Number 1D42)
• Conforms to PDI G101 and certified
to ASME A112.14.3 & 14.4
• IAPMO Research and Testing, Inc.
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