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The Custom Advantage
Customized for Your Needs
Because we know that every application
is unique, Highland Tank designs each
individually, so you
never have to adapt your kitchen
operations to our products.
Our rugged, heavy gauge stainless
steel is available in 14 sizes, as well as
larger volumes and custom systems.
Our units are available with complete
equipment packages that include level
sensors, alarm/control panels, pump
systems, insulation systems and
access stairs and platforms.
Highland Tank has worked closely
with pretreatment coordinators,
engineers, architects, developers,
builders and contractors to ensure
that our products meet all our customer
needs as well as the latest environmental,
building and plumbing regulations.
Our company is committed to building
on the strength of our quality
by continuing to
deliver on our commitment to innovation
and by remaining alert and responsive
to our consumers' demands.
Listings and Approvals
City of New York
Material and Equipment Acceptance -
MEA No. 251-91 E2
Massachusetts State
Plumbing Code CMR-248
Approved by the IPC, UPC and state
plumbing codes.
is approved in many
states and municipalities across the
country. Contact your local Highland
representative for assistance with the
local Authority Having Jurisdiction
(AHJ) regulations.
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