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Flush-With-Floor GreaseStopper
Designed for Dependability
The Flush-With-Floor GreaseStopper
is recessed with its top flush with
the floor in order to intercept kitchen
fixtures and floor drains, save valuable
above floor space and accommodate
existing piping and structural conditions.
This specialized grease removal device
features an integral Automatic Grease
Interceptor with separate grease
storage and dry electrical compartments.
No other manufacturer offers anything
even similar to the Flush-With-Floor
(FWF) GreaseStopper
Ideal for On-Slab Installations
The grease interceptor is equipped with
a hinged access cover that opens to
reveal the entirety of the unit for easy
cleaning and maintenance.
Additionally, internal water-tight covers
with quick-release, flush-mounted
latches prevent wash water from
intruding into the compartments. The
covers are constructed of lightweight
aluminum deck plate rated for foot
traffic and are provided with an anti-slip
finish for safety wherever it is installed.
Standard Features
• Constructed of 304 stainless steel
for maximum strength and
• Hinged non-skid deck plate cover
for ease of maintenance
• Extra-heavy leak-proof gaskets
• Locking system to secure the
cover to prevent accidental
closure of the lid when open
• Automatic grease removal system
featuring electrically‑powered
grease diskimmers
• Integrated flow control device
• Removable solids strainer basket
• Dry electric compartment with
internal lid to protect the
electronics and power connections
• Grease storage compartment
with removable container with
high-level alarm
• Integral perimeter channel to
allow floor wash-down to drain
into the grease interceptor
• Integral grease pump
• Grade to invert extensions
• H-20 grade level covers
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