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Manual Grease Interceptors
Manual Grease Interceptors (MGI) are
hydromechanical grease interceptors
designed to intercept and collect large
quantities of sewer clogging fats, oil
and grease (FOG) and oily food waste
discharged from food service
establishments' kitchens. They are
usually installed indoors and connected
to the drain lines of the pot washing
sink and the dishwasher pre-rinse sink.
MGIs are typically used where they can
be connected to a sanitary sewer that
does not mandate automatic grease
recovery devices.
The operation of the MGI is simple.
They retain wastewater long enough
to allow FOG and oily food solids to
separate out by gravity flotation and
settling. Since grease is lighter than
water, the grease floats to the surface
of the interceptor. Conversely, solids
settle to the bottom and accumulate
at the sludge baffle. The accumulating
grease can be scooped and disposed
of or recycled with other grease by a
rendering firm.
MGIs are constructed of mild carbon
steel and coated with heavy-duty
polyurethane for superior corrosion
resistance. Stainless steel construction
is also available. MGIs are available
in many configurations to fit almost
any requirement.
Large volume MGIs are available
for applications where gravity grease
interceptors cannot be installed
underground due to high water
conditions, bedrock, conflicting
utilities or prohibitive costs. They are
designed to fit into tight interior spaces.
MGIs are available with deck plate
covers for pedestrian or vehicle (H-20)
traffic and allow for total access
to the interceptor for observation,
maintenance and cleaning.
• Removable solids interceptor
• Grade to invert extensions
• Electronic grease level monitor
with controls
• Integral pump chambers
• Thermal insulation
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