Grease Removal Systems - page 32

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How Our Passive Grease Interceptor Works
Construction Options
• Stainless Steel Construction
• Double-Wall Secondary
• Stackable Risers and Covers -
can be modified in the field to
allow for easy installation
• Manway Extensions
• Large EZ-Access Manways
• Grade-Level Manways
• Aboveground Cylindrical Design
• Saddles or I-Beam Supports
• Deadmen Anchoring System
• FOGSWatch Monitoring System
• Effluent Filters
• Influent or Effluent Pump Systems
Flow Diffusion and
Energy Dissipater Baffle
Protection System
Concrete Hold-Down Pad
or Deadmen Anchors
Solids Collection
Sludge Baffle
Grease Dam
Baffling System
Internal Lining
Hold-Down Straps
Outlet Pipe
Indirect Effluent Flow
Transfer Baffle
Field-adjustable Riser with Safety Screens include
Sealed Vapor Covers for Odor Prevention
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