Grease Removal Systems - page 33

Performance Engineered
These efficient and easy to install
gravity grease interceptors are typically
located outside a building near the
source of the wastewater. They are
buried below grade to receive the
gravity flow from all grease or solids-
receiving kitchen fixtures and drains.
The interceptor is designed to have
much greater hydraulic retention time
than competitive units. PGIs also
contain advanced influent flow
diffusers, “switchback” baffling and
effluent transfer baffles designed to
reduce flow turbulence, prevent
short-circuiting and accelerate the
separation process.
Their large capacities, along with their
specially designed internal baffles,
enable them to retain wastewater long
enough for liquefied grease to
separate, cool and congeal.
The interceptor is divided into multiple
chambers where grease coagulates
and floats to the surface, accumulating
at the grease dams and leaving clearer
water beneath as the discharge
effluent. Solids either float or sink to
the bottom where they are blocked by
the sludge baffles.
The inlet of the PGI features Highland
Tank's patented Velocity Head
Diffusion Baffle. It diverts incoming
flow and prevents it from disturbing
solids that have settled to the bottom
of the tank.
Large cylindrical or rectangular
manways with quick-opening covers
allow for easy access and maintenance.
Highland Tank recommends monthly
maintenance inspections to determine
the thickness of the grease and solids
layer along with regular cleaning.
A certified waste hauler can pump
out the grease and oily food waste
safely from above. An integral
sampling port, or separate sampling
box, is located at the outlet end of the
interceptor, allowing for easy
inspection and sampling needed
to confirm performance.
Compare and Choose
• Strong and durable
• Lighter than traditional concrete
units, resulting in lower delivery,
crane rental and installation costs
• Easier to clean due to the
cylindrical design — during
pumpout, all the solids and liquids
flow to the bottom centerline, right
to the suction hose
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