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Pre-Engineered Design Options
interceptors have a
single collection chamber and a
sludge baffle to remove FOG and
solids. This is our simple grease
and garbage “knock-out” design.
PGIs are approved in many states and
municipalities. Custom designs are
available to meet AHJ requirements.
Consult a local Highland Tank
representative for more information.
A Simple"Knock-Out" Interceptor
interceptors have two
collection chambers and a sludge
baffle. Our most popular design
conforms to IAPMO/ANSI Z1001-2007.
Meets UPC requirements for Gravity Grease Interceptors
interceptors have three
collection chambers and a sludge
baffle. FOG and solids are trapped
in the first compartment and any
remaining grease is trapped in the
second compartment. The third
chamber can be modified and
equipped with an effluent pump
system when gravity flow to the
sewer is not an option.
Approved - Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC)
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