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Rectangular Passive Grease Interceptors
The Aboveground Alternative
Rectangular Passive Grease Interceptors
(R-PGI) can be installed aboveground
to help FSE intercept and accumulate
FOG on-site and prevent it from
entering the POTW collection system.
Like our cylindrical, underground units,
the R-PGI's large capacity and specially
designed internal baffles, retain
wastewater long enough in a non-
turbulent environment for proper
grease and solids separation.
Their large volume can accommodate
retention times of 30 minutes or greater.
Additionally, they can receive discharge
from kitchen fixtures, garbage grinders
and all other food preparation areas,
therefore eliminating the need for a
solids interceptor. R-PGI are available
in single, double or triple basin
Their design and construction is
superior to old style concrete grease
interceptors. They are lighter than
concrete and constructed as a
one-piece unit, which is easier to
install and maintain.
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Standard Features
• Rugged protected steel construction
for superior structural strength
• Factory welded inlet, outlet,
transfer pipes and baffles
• Exterior polyurethane coating
provides corrosion protection
• No-slip finish on tank top
• Acid-resistant internal polyurethane
lining to protect against hydrogen
sulfide damage
• Light color interior coating for
ease of inspection
• Smooth, interior lining makes
pump-outs and cleaning easier
• Factory-mounted on structural
steel skid for bolting to pad
• Hinged, vapor-sealed covers for
easy access, inspection and
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