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Lift Stations
Ideally, wastewater collection system
operation relies on gravity to keep the
wastewater flowing downward from its
origin to destination. Plumbing engineers
design grease removal systems to rely
on the natural forces of gravity to move
the wastewater over the changing
grades downstream.
If gravity is not available, lift stations
equipped with pumps are employed to
move the water to its discharge point or
to another lift station.
Highland Tank offers a full line of
pre-packaged lift stations engineered
for easy installation, efficient operation
and ease of maintenance.
Lift stations are comprised of the sump,
pumps, level sensors and controls.
Highland Tank fabricates aboveground
and underground stainless steel or
protected carbon steel sumps. Our
heavy-duty carbon steel sumps are
designed for the rigors of underground
• HighGuard exterior corrosion
control system
• Rugged interior epoxy liner
protects the sump against
hydrogen sulfide
• Diameters from 36” to 144”
• Depths from 3’-0” to 18’-0”
• Individually designed with
submersible pumps on a rail
system for easy maintenance
• Single and multi-pump systems
• Custom-designed controls for
automatic operation, design
flexibility and expandability
• Pressure transducers
• Ultra-sonic level sensors
• Stainless steel or fiberglass
NEMA enclosures
• Steel reinforcing, anchoring rings
• Double-wall construction
• Electronic leak detection
• Valve boxes
• Lightweight pneumatic
assist hinged access doors
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