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Since 1946, Highland Tank has been
on the leading edge of tank technology.
Initially, Highland primarily fabricated
fuel storage tanks. In 1986, Highland
Tank entered a new era of wastewater
treatment tank fabrication by developing
our patented Oil/Water Separator
to comply with more stringent
environmental regulations on water
pollution. For over twenty years,
Highland Tank has provided innovative
solutions for all types of commercial
and industrial wastewater discharge
In 2000, Highland Tank acquired
Lowe Engineering Co., the recognized
pioneer of the Grease Recovery Unit
(GRU). This patented device has been
used for over 25 years to recover fats,
oils and grease (FOG) from wastewater
discharged from quick-serve restaurants
and large commercial and institutional
kitchens found in casinos, hospitals,
schools and many food service
establishments (FSE).
With this acquisition, Highland Tank
introduced its comprehensive Grease
Removal Systems product line
featuring the GreaseStoppe
Automatic Grease Interceptor (based
on the original Lowe Engineering
GRU) and the PGI Passive Grease
Interceptors - a complete line of single,
double and triple basin gravity grease
As our Grease Removal Systems
Division grew, we expanded our grease
removal systems product line to include
Manual Grease Interceptors, Strainer
Baskets, Coarse Solids Strainers and
Lift Stations.
Highland Tank now offers the most
complete line of products specifically
designed for removal of FOG and oily
food waste from wastewater generated
by FSE and food production/processing
industries in the United States.
Highland Tank
Grease Removal Devices
The Most Complete Line in the Industry
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