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Solids Interceptors
Flat Strainer Baskets
Flat Strainer Baskets (FSB) are
designed to reduce the amount of
coarse and fine solids discharged
from a FSE. FSB can be used for both
kitchen retrofits and new construction.
They are usually installed under the
dishwasher pre-rinse sink where dirty
dishes are pre-rinsed. Our flexible
design allows for connection to any
sinks with over 4” of height adjustment.
The removable strainer tray dewaters
solids for easy disposal as garbage or
compost. The unit has a see-through
plexiglas cover for easy maintenance.
Left or right outlet ports and stainless
steel legs with adjustable foot pegs
for leveling make installation easy.
FSB are available in two popular sizes
and can be customized to meet your
specific needs.
In-Line Strainer Baskets
In-Line Strainer Baskets (ISB) are
relatively small for installation under a
pot or dishwasher pre-rinse sinks. ISB
are available in many standard sizes to
be used in conjunction with our
automatic and manual grease
interceptors as a reliable pre-treatment
device. In-Line Strainer Baskets are
required by many sewer authorities and
are mandated by the Washington
Suburban Sanitary Commission
(WSSC) where grease interceptors
are installed.
40 •
Simple & Effective Solids Removal
• Removes nearly 100% of the solid
food waste from FSE drains
• Constructed of durable stainless
steel and other corrosion resistant
• Easily accessible for maintenance
and cleaning
• Saves money on water & electricity
• Eliminates costs of cleaning pipes
and/or holding tanks
• Helps keep the grease interceptor
clean and minimizes pumpout
• Available in many standard sizes -
custom manufacturing to meet
your needs is also available
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