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Coarse Solids Strainer
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Coarse Solids Strainer
The Coarse Solids Strainer (CSS) is
a convenient solid-liquid strainer that
removes a large percentage of oily
food waste from FSEs’ wastewater
and produces a solids fraction with
low moisture content.
Simplicity of design and efficient debris
handling makes the Coarse Solids
Strainer the ideal solution for cost
efficient solids removal from a FSE’s
wastewater. Our engineers customize
each CSS to site-specific applications
and parameters. Retrofit into existing
installations is simple and there is
usually no need for expensive
plumbing modifications.
The CSS has no moving parts and no
power requirements, so operation is
simple. The primary separation device
is stationary screen, mounted on a
positive incline. The raw liquid slurry
enters the inlet, drains onto the top
edge of the diffuser and is allowed to
flow over the heavy-duty screen.
Liquids pass through the screen
while solids move down the face of the
screen and accumulate at the bottom
screen basket for disposal.
The wastewater drains to a
properly sized GreaseStopper
Automatic Grease Interceptor for
FOG removal before final discharge.
• Simple and robust design
• Minimal maintenance required
• Proven reliable performance
• No debris bypassing or carryover
to clean side
• Significant weight and volume
• High moisture reduction
• Easy cleaning and maintenance
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