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Custom and Packaged Grease Removal Systems
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Experience and Integrity
Highland Tank offers a unique scope
of service in the fabrication of all our
grease removal systems. Our systems
can be supplied on a turnkey basis
utilizing our experienced management
and engineering teams, guaranteeing
on-time delivery for your fast
track projects.
Our grease removal systems can be
engineered specifically for the application.
We offer better quality control, single
source responsibility and other cost-
effective advantages. Components can
be matched to the job requirements,
budget and the technical abilities of
the staff.
Exceptional Quality, Cost and Delivery
Startup requires only a few days with
one or two people; since very few
pieces are fitted on site. From delivery
of the finished product, start-up and
operator instruction, to technical and
service help throughout the warranty
period, you deal with one company –
Highland Tank and our specialized
support staff.
Give us a call to discuss your project,
and we'll be happy to help with both
custom and packaged grease removal
systems installations. We can provide
you with cost-effective and time-saving
solutions that will deliver outstanding
performance and long service life with
reduced maintenance cost.
We provide high-quality, superior-
performance, cost-effective grease
and solids removal systems, storage
vessels and system accessories
engineered and manufactured to solve
your most challenging applications.
Systems can be designed to meet
nearly any set of challenges that would
be difficult, if not impossible, to
address if the system were built
Design, construction and testing are
monitored in a controlled environment
where problems can be addressed
well before installation and startup
and the construction process is not
hindered by inclement weather or
other on-site delays.
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