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Customized To Meet Your Specific Needs
Highland Tank’s accessory line is designed to augment our wide selection of grease removal systems, making it easy to
quickly and efficiently turn any of our interceptors into a complete operating system. From level sensors and control panels
to anchoring systems and grade level manways, Highland Tank is equipped to take your next project from concept to reality.
Here are some of our quality accessories:
1. Deadmen Anchor System
Designed to secure interceptors at
installations where there is potential
for high water. They are used with
our standard underground Passive
Grease Interceptors from 550 to 60,000
gallons. Deadmen Anchors are used
exclusivley with Highland's Polyester
Hold-Down Straps and supplied
hardware. (See pp. 46-47 for details)
2. FOGSWatch
A level monitoring system designed to
continuously monitor the accumulation
of Fats, Oils, Grease and Solids within
the first chamber of a grease interceptor.
3. Grade Level Manways (GLM)
Designed to AASHTO H20 requirements.
Each manway is constructed of A36
steel plate from 10 ga. to .25" thick,
with lids of .38" reinforced checkered
steel plate. Round GLMs are available
in sizes ranging from 12" to 48"
diameter. (See p. 55 for details)
4. Ladders, Stairs, Platforms
and Walkways
Designed to comply with strict OSHA
specifications. Mounting brackets and
other structural accommodations can
be factory-fitted to facilitate field
installation. (See p. 53 for details)
5. Interceptor Support Systems
These systems are designed to support
the interceptor, keep it stationary and
elevate it to minimize corrosion concerns
and allow for easy visual inspection.
Tank Support Systems are available in
two different designs to accommodate
specific installation requirements: UL
Saddles and Structural Steel Skids.
(See pp. 50-51 for details)
6. Complete Pump Package Systems
A wide variety of level sensors can
be supplied along with complete
influent, effluent and FOG pump
package systems.
7. Stackable Risers
Manway extensions for PGI that are
sectionalized for ease of installation,
especially when specific burial depths
may not be known. Our lightweight
risers hold their shape, are stackable,
screw together and are water and
airtight. Each riser comes with a bright
yellow, heavy-duty Safety Screen that
prevents entry into the interceptor if the
riser cover is unknowingly removed.
(See p. 54 for details)
8. Grease Totes and Hoppers
Heavy-duty steel containers for the
storage of waste grease. We offer
different sizes and configurations to
fit your application needs.
9. Alarm and Control Panels
A comprehensive panel selection for
level alarm, valve actuation, heating
or pump control.
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