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Deadmen Anchoring System
Highland Tank's Deadmen Anchoring
Systems are designed to secure
interceptors at installations. Polyester
or steel hold-down straps and concrete
beams are used to achor the PGI and
counteract its natural buoyant forces.
Polyester Hold-Down Straps
Polyester Hold-Down Straps are
intended for underground use only.
They are made from 3" wide 100%
polyester webbing. These straps have
a large reinforced loop at each end for
connecting to the Concrete Deadmen
Anchor hardware. A length of 1/2"
diameter wire rope and six cable
clamps are included with each strap
for connecting the strap to one side
of the concrete anchoring. A hook-to-
hook turnbuckle is used for attaching
the strap to the anchoring on the
other side.
Standard Features
‹‹ No strap liners are required because
there are no metallic components
in the strap system that can make
contact with the tank
‹‹ Available without the cable, clamps
and turnbuckles for use with
Concrete Deadmen Anchors
‹‹ Available for tank diameters
3'-2" to 13'-0"
46 •
Wire Rope
Turnbuckle with
Hook Ends
Tie Down
Top of Concrete Deadmen Level with Bottom of Tank
with 6" Minimum Approved Bedding Material
Polyester Hold-Down Straps
Installation Detail
Distance between inside edges of
Concrete Deadmen Anchors
equivalent to tank diameter
1...,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45 47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,...58
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