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Steel Hold-Down Straps
48 •
Hold-Down Strap
(with neoprene liner)
Hole in
angle for
anchor bolt
Anchor Bolt*
*6" Minimum Approved Bedding material
(Contact factory if using more than 12")
*Reinforced Concrete Anchor Pad
Safety Strap halves secured
together with supplied hardware
Anchor Bolt*
6" Minimum Approved
Bedding Material
(contact factory if using
more than 12")
*Reinforced Concrete Anchor Pad
Hold-Down Strap
(with neoprene liner)
Safety Straps rotated
90° to 180° before
positioning tank
This guide provides information
about Steel Hold-Down Straps
manufactured specifically by Highland
Tank. The guide references dimensions
of standard underground tanks.
Also referenced are hold-down strap
specifications, recommended quantity,
spacing, and anchor bolt requirements.
Contractor-supplied anchor bolt sizes
must be in accordance with this guide
for proper fit and system performance.
This guide is intended only as an aid to
professional engineers. Highland Tank
recommends that underground storage
tank anchorage systems be designed
by a licensed professional engineer.
A. Standard Hold-Down Straps
are manufactured from mild-carbon
steel with an adjustable turnbuckle and
angle clip on each end for securing
tanks in place. Neoprene rubber liners
are supplied for electrical isolation and
coating protection. Standard straps are
sized so that when the turnbuckles are
completely closed, there will be six (6")
inches between the anchor pad and
the tank bottom. Turnbuckles can
be opened to allow up to twelve (12")
inches of clearance.
B. Safety Hold-Down Straps
are designed to avoid having installation
personnel in the excavation during tank
placement. They are manufactured
in two pieces and shipped connected
with a threaded tie rod at top center.
These straps are designed to be
installed before placing the tank in
the excavation. By loosening the tie
rod, the two pieces are separated and
each is rotated 90
to 180
away from
their original position. After the tank is
positioned, the strap's sides are rotated
back toward each other and tightened
over the tank with the tie rod and nuts.
* Contractor supplied items
Anchor Bolt
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