Grease Removal Systems - page 51

Tank Saddles
Saddles allow for visual inspection
of the entire interceptor.
The storage tank and saddles must be
designed to accommodate loadings
resulting from the weight of the tank
and its contents, external equipment
and environmental conditions.
In areas subject to damaging wind,
water or earthquakes, the design of the
supporting structure and connections
for the tank shall require special
engineering consideration.
The design and construction of tank
supports and foundations is critical
and should only be undertaken and
supervised by competent professionals.
1. Do not rely on tack or seal-welded saddles
as a means for securing a tank in flood prone
areas. A hold-down system, connected to an
adequately sized anchor pad is recommended.
A properly designed Hold-Down Strap system
with adequately sized reinforced concrete
hold-down pad is recommended to secure a
tank in flood-prone areas.
5/8" Grounding Hole
(1) Per Saddle
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