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As the leader in the steel tank industry,
Highland Tank carried its commitment
to quality and service to a new
audience with the advent of the Grease
Removal Systems Division. Our
experience with wastewater treatment
process tanks was a natural transition.
The acquisition of one of the
original GRD manufacturers and
the innovation of Highland Tank's
team of professionals has allowed
for the development and production
of one of the industry's most
advanced grease removal units -
Automatic Grease
Interceptor. This state-of-the-art
product is the flagship of the most
complete line of grease removal
systems in the industry.
Quality Assurance
All of our products are backed by
our helpful support staff to ensure
quality throughout every phase of
your project. Highland Tank's team of
professionals in design, engineering,
fabrication, sales, delivery and service
provide you with outstanding solutions
for your liquid storage challenges.
Our products are competitively
priced and readily available from our
national distribution network and six
manufacuring facilities.
Capability, Capacity, Commitment
Highland Tank has facilities strategically
located to serve our core markets in the
United States. Our team works with
the proper tools and latest technology
to help build the highly customized
products required in today's world. We
are constantly taking steps to lead the
industry and stay on the cutting edge.
Even in economic times when many
companies are cutting back and
downsizing, Highland Tank remains
committed to our clients. Our latest
addition is a new, large, state-of-the-art
facility that will allow us to build the
larger, heavier tanks and vessels that
are in demand. This is just one more
reason Highland Tank remains the
leader in steel tank manufacturing
with these capabilities:
Manufacturing Area:
296,000 ft
at six locations
Maximum Physical Fabrication Size:
Horizontal tanks: 70,000 gallons
Vertical tanks: 57,500 gallons
ASME pressure vessels: 60,000 gallons
Maximum diameter: 14
Maximum length: 90'-0"
Steel rolling: up to 1-1/4" thick
Product Transportation
Highland Tank takes product delivery
seriously. We have our own fleet of
trucks and team of experienced drivers.
Your product will be in the hands
of people who transport over-sized
loads every day, taking pride in timely
delivery and providing Highland Tank's
signature service.
Manufacturing Expertise
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