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Working Together for a
Cleaner Environment
Responsible Manufacturing
Reducing the environmental impact
of our products starts with the product
design phase. Design dictates the
quantity and type of raw materials
used, recyclability of materials
and energy consumption required
for manufacturing.
Today, environmental issues are
important criteria for material selection.
All of our steel tank products are 100%
recyclable after use. Although recycling
is important, we don’t stop there.
Highland Tank works hard to gather
and recycle our waste steel at all of our
factories during and after production.
Also, our decision to reduce the use
of VOC-laden paints and completely
eliminate the use of solvent-rich
fiberglass reinforced polyester
makes our product line much more
environmentally friendly than our
counterparts. Highland Tank helps to
safeguard the environment — as well
as consumers’ safety — by restricting
the use of these environmentally
harmful compounds in our materials
and manufacturing processes.
Environmental protection is one of
our highest priorities. How we impact
the environment is important to us,
and environmental considerations are
an integral part of Highland Tank’s
business practices. The steps we
take today to preserve our planet will
ultimately affect the health and
well-being of our children. From the
earliest stages of product design
through manufacturing, recycling
and usage, we take care to keep
our activities and our products
environmentally sound. Our progressive
thinking, inventive policies and
pioneering spirit are helping to make
the world a greener, cleaner place for
our children.
Product Design
It all begins with the design and
manufacturing of tank products
specifically required to safely store
some of the most hazardous materials.
Our company produces the industry’s
most robust tank products for the
safe storage of petroleum, chemicals
and other hazardous materials to
ensure compliance with all applicable
regulatory requirements. As a result,
our tank products are the number one
choice among industry professionals.
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