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Innovations in Steel Tank Design and Technology
Highland Tank’s aboveground tanks are of the highest quality to ensure compliance
with the U.S. EPA’s regulations for aboveground tanks for the storage of petroleum
and chemicals. Primarily designed for safe storage of flammable and combustible
liquids, our aboveground tanks are available in a variety of industry-proven
cylindrical, rectangular, single-wall, double-wall and fire rated designs.
Construction and Compliance
Aboveground horizontal and vertical
tanks are constructed, tested and
labeled in strict accordance with
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
Standard for Steel
Aboveground Tanks for Flammable
and Combustible Liquids. Additionally,
aboveground tanks can be constructed
to American Petroleum Institute
Standard 650 (Appendix J) Welded
Steel Tanks for oil storage.
Standard Tank Features
‹‹ Horizontal capacity: 70,000 gallons
‹‹ Vertical capacity: 57,500 gallons
‹‹ Steel thickness from 7 gauge
to 1.25"
‹‹ Exterior full fillet lap joints for added
“ribbed” strength
‹‹ Flat flanged heads
‹‹ Seam inspection and 5 psi factory
air test
‹‹ Manways required for tanks over
5,000 gallons
‹‹ Connections for normal and
emergency venting, gauging, filling
and product piping
‹‹ Lifting lugs
‹‹ Primer paint
‹‹ Double-wall construction with
electronic leak detection
‹‹ Secondary containment dikes of
120% or 150% capacities
‹‹ Single or double bulkheads for
compartment tanks
‹‹ Flanged and dished heads with
30 to 50 psi hydro-test for service
in New York City
‹‹ 24", 30" or 36" diameter manways
‹‹ Fittings in a variety of sizes
and styles
‹‹ Interior and exterior coating systems
‹‹ Overfill protection
containment chambers
‹‹ A variety of tank support and
hold-down systems
‹‹ OSHA compliant external ladders,
stairs, platforms and walkways
with handrails
We have an experienced team
that offers quality engineering and
support to help you customize your
tank to your specific application. Our
tanks are produced according to the
highest standards for the commercial,
industrial, public and private sectors.
Highland Tank’s aboveground tanks
are the cornerstone of a petroleum
or industrial facility’s Spill Prevention
Control and Countermeasure (SPCC)
plan and are compatible with the full
range of petroleum products in use
today, including biofuels with high
ethanol or biodiesel contents.
Aboveground Tanks
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