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tanks are thermally
protected, double-wall steel cylindrical
or rectangular aboveground tanks.
is an alternative for the
safe storage of motor fuels and other
flammable and combustible liquids
above ground. They are used where a
fire-protected tank is needed because
of setback limitations or regulatory
requirements. These tanks are
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. labeled
and meet or exceed the requirements
of UL-2085 including:
‹‹ Two-Hour Full Scale Pool Fire Test
‹‹ Hose Stream Test
‹‹ Ballistics/Projectile Test
‹‹ Vehicle Impact Test
‹‹ Interstitial Communication Test
Blast Effect Analysis proved Fireguard
resists, with limited damage to the
primary steel tank, the effects of a 50 lb
man-portable, a 500 lb vehicle-born
improvised explosive device, and a 10
psig vapor cloud explosion.
tanks are approved and
labeled for service in New York City
with the addition of flanged and dished
heads and a 15 to 50 psi hydro-test on
the inner tank.
Each tank is constructed with a
minimum 3" interstice around the inner
tank. The interstice is completely filled
with a lightweight, monolithic material.
This high efficiency insulation protects
the inner tank in the unlikely event
of a fire or extreme heat. It is porous
to allow fluid migration through the
interstice to the monitoring point.
Unlike concrete encased tanks,
tanks’ steel outer wall
protects the insulation, eliminating
the problem of cracking and spalling
concrete. Because of its unique
construction, each tank is pressure-
testable in the factory and at the
jobsite. With Fireguard
, there is
no question of compliance with
fire codes; the tank is shipped with
factory-installed emergency vents on
both the primary and the secondary
containment tanks for protection if
exposed to fire or excessive pressure.
‹‹ Carries UL-2085 listing as Insulated
Secondary Containment for
Flammable Liquids
‹‹ Lightweight – insulation 75% lighter
than concrete – costing less to ship
and install
‹‹ Reduces tank setback and
separation distance requirements by
up to 50%
‹‹ Fireguard’s
secondary containment
can be tightness-tested on-site
‹‹ Steel outer wall protects insulation
‹‹ Available in rectangular or
cylindrical design
‹‹ Wide range of tank capacities:
300-60,000 gallons
‹‹ Subject to strict, three-tier
independent third-party quality
assurance program
‹‹ STI
standard 30-year
limited warranty
Thermally Protected Steel Storage Tanks
Time-Tested Technology
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