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Engineered Aviation Fueling Systems
Aviation refueling is a challenging task
due to many critical safety concerns.
Highland Tank now offers Self-
contained Aviation Fuel Equipment
(SAFE) systems. Our team of
professionals has the expertise to offer
precision-engineered, modular fueling
systems to accompany our tanks on
military and commercial installations.
These module configurations
simplify specification, procurement,
maintenance and spare parts support.
Each module is precision engineered
with rugged, field-proven components
to provide years of trouble-free
service. The flexible, modular design
of the SAFE systems allow for system
expansion as needs change by simply
adding modules. Highland Tank now
offers a truly scalable aviation fueling
system solution.
Our SAFE systems product line
features several modules that can
be combined to provide a solution
for a wide variety of aviation fueling
scenarios. Included in the line is
a Pump and Filtration module (PFT),
which is critical for assuring clean
fuel from the delivery truck to storage
to dispensing.
A Direct-to-Plane module (DTP)
allows for fueling at many private or
executive airfields where planes are
fueled at the storage tank. The DTP
Module can be designed for overwing
and/or underwing refueling. Highland
also offers a Truck Loading Module
(TLO), which is typically needed at
larger aviation facilities where planes
must be fueled on the tarmac by a
refuel truck.
We also offer a Remote Dispensing
Module (RDS). This unit is commonly
used when refueling activities are
located remotely from the fuel storage
tank. Rooftop helicopter refueling at
hospitals, offshore drilling rigs and
airborne law enforcement agencies
often entail the supply of a remote RDS
Module in addition to a PFT Module
back at the storage tank.
Highland’s Aviation Fueling Systems
are typically paired with a Fireguard
or Flameshield tank depending on
setback, regulations and other site-
specific requirements. Highland
Tank and its team of Aviation Fueling
Specialists will work with you to provide
a turnkey solution.
Self-contained Aviation Fueling Equipment
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