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Solution Oriented Designs
Aboveground storage tanks are
designed and engineered to meet the
demanding needs of many industries.
They provide a sensible and safe
solution for the storage of petroleum
products and chemicals at bulk plants,
transportation facilities, industrial
sites, military bases and airports.
They are manufactured to UL-142
specifications in single-wall or double-
wall configurations. Horizontal and
vertical tanks are available with an array
of options that provide solutions for
many applications. Standard tanks are
fabricated using carbon steel. Stainless
steel construction is also available.
Standard Tank Features
‹‹ UL-142
‹‹ Flat flanged heads capacity:
Horizontal: 185-72,500 gallons;
Vertical: 185-57,500 gallons
‹‹ Diameter: 3'-2" to 14'-0"
‹‹ Maximum length (Horizontal): 72 feet
for UL labeled tanks
‹‹ Maximum height (Vertical): 50 feet for
UL labeled tanks
‹‹ Carbon steel thickness from 10
gauge to 1.25"
‹‹ Exterior full fillet lap joints for added
“ribbed” strength
‹‹ Seam inspection and 5 psi factory
air test
‹‹ Manways required for tanks over
5,000 gallons
‹‹ Connections for normal and
emergency venting, gauging, filling
and product piping
‹‹ Lifting lugs
‹‹ Primer paint
Options to Equip UL-142
Tanks for
Specific Applications
‹‹ Interior coatings for storage
of aviation fuel, chemicals or
other liquids
‹‹ VOC Compliant exterior coatings
‹‹ Overflow Protection Chamber (OP)
‹‹ Flanged and dished heads
for NYC service
‹‹ Dike Tanks
‹‹ Areo Dike Tanks
‹‹ Flameshield
‹‹ Lube Tanks
‹‹ Bulk Storage Drums
‹‹ Hopper Tanks
A wide variety of accessories for
tanks are available to meet
your specification. Supports, saddles
or skids can be fitted to horizontal
tanks to customize your installation.
Any necessary access or structural
steelwork, such as ladders, stairs,
platforms or walkways can be
supplied. Other custom structural
accommodations can be factory-fitted
to facilitate field installation of
special accessories.
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