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Barrel Tanks
Highland Tank barrel tanks are the ideal
solution for storage of a wide variety
of production liquids while using the
least amount of valuable real estate.
They are fabricated under Highland’s
strict quality control procedures to
industry standards for the safe storage
of produced water, crude oil and
other liquids commonly handled and
stored by natural gas exploration and
production companies.
Highland Tank also offers a premium
Gas & Oil Field Tank design that takes
the barrel tank to a whole new level.
Our stronger lap-weld construction
and heavy-duty polyurethane coatings
inside and out result in a stronger,
longer-lasting tank. Couple that with
a custom L-shaped skid, and you’ve
got the “ultimate” barrel tank – a more
robust tank that allows for the mobility
and flexibility required in the tough
natural gas drilling industry.
With our reputation for unmatched
quality and service, Highland Tank
makes sure these barrel tanks are
worker safe. Our OSHA-compliant
fixed ladder and cable-climbing
system includes all of the necessary
components for fall protection when
accessing the rooftop vents, manways
and hatches for periodic inspection and
maintenance. And with our optional
100% double-wall construction,
Highland Tank helps the drilling industry
comply with environmental regulations,
which are often more stringent in
unconventional gas regions such as the
Marcellus and Utica Shale areas.
Standard Tank Features
‹‹ Mild carbon steel construction
‹‹ UL-142
‹‹ Capacity from 90-500 barrels
‹‹ Exterior-full fillet lap joints for added
“ribbed” strength
‹‹ Seam inspection and 5 psi factory
air test
‹‹ Nozzle fittings per schedule
‹‹ Cleanout manway with cover
‹‹ Pressure vacuum vent
(thief hatch)
‹‹ Lifting lugs
‹‹ Primer paint
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