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The Overfill Protector
OP Tanks
The OP Tank is equipped with a
patented overfill protection system
and integral overfill chamber designed
to capture and store overfills resulting
from mistakes or failures during filling
operations. Unlike other forms of
secondary containment, the OP keeps
the product in the storage tank where it
can be easily recovered and used.
Overfill Protection From:
‹‹ Malfunctioning overfill limiter
‹‹ Unattended delivery truck
‹‹ Malfunctioning vents
‹‹ Distracted delivery attendant
‹‹ Malfunctioning gauge
‹‹ Incorrect inventory record
‹‹ Malfunctioning alarm
OP Tank Features
In the unlikely event of an overfill,
the patented Overfill Protector chute
directs the spill into the Containment
Chamber. The chamber is large
enough to contain a spill of at least
20% of the tank’s storage volume. The
collected product can be recovered by
pumping it back to the primary tank,
or to another storage tank, through the
pump-out fitting located on the top of
the tank. Since the entire OP Tank is UL
listed for flammable and combustible
liquid storage, the Overfill Protector and
Containment Chamber do not need to
be cleaned or freed from vapors
after pump-out.
OP Tank Options
The OP Tank is available as a UL-2085
tank or as a standard single
or double-wall UL-142
horizontal tank.
In addition to our standard features and
options, we can also supply a larger
(above 20%) Containment Chamber if
greater spill containment is required.
Consult Highland Tank if a larger
(above 20%) spill containment
capability is required.
U.S. Patent No. 5,381,923
Safety Bollards
as Required
Support Pad
OP Chamber
Level Sensor
Supply Line with
Suction Drop Tube
Support Saddles
Remote Fill Box
Pipe & Sensor
Fill with Drop
Tube Value
Secondary Tank
Normal Vent
OP-Chamber Access
Stairs and Platform
Control Panel
Pumpout Port
with Plug
Overfill Protector
Primary Tank
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