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Standard and AREO
Dike Tanks
Dike tanks are a versatile aboveground
secondary containment alternative. The
impervious steel dike contains spills
from the tank, piping and associated
equipment, and it prevents their
release into the environment. The
entire unit meets UL-142
and NFPA
30 specifications for primary and
secondary containment. In addition to
our standard features and options, we
can also supply rain shields or gabled,
shed or rolled-top canopies to keep out
rain, snow and debris.
AREO Dike tanks were the first of
their kind to obtain an UL label for the
entire secondary containment system,
not just the primary tank. The unique
rain shield system prevents water and
debris accumulation in the containment
dike while making provisions for
visual monitoring.
AREO Dike Tank Features
‹‹ The integral spill-containment chamber
around the fill connection provides
an overflow pipe to divert any spilled
product into the containment dike
‹‹ A large overflow chute ensures that
any overfill will be diverted from the
emergency vent directly into the dike
‹‹ Removable rain shields minimize rain,
snow and debris accumulation in
the containment area while allowing
for easy visual inspection and access
for maintenance
‹‹ Available with the safety of UL-2085
, it is listed for “Insulated
Secondary Containment Protected
Type” AST
U.S. Patent Nos. 4,895,272
and 5,346,093
The Flameshield
design meets the
demand for fuel storage where fire
resistance, environmental safety
and possible future relocation are
primary concerns. The double-wall
design provides for integral secondary
containment with interstitial monitoring
without the external diking. The
secondary containment can be
tightness-tested on-site using
standard testing procedures.
‹‹ Meets National Fire Protection
Association (NFPA) 30/30A criteria
for fire-resistant AST
‹‹ Tested by Southwest Research
Institute to SwRI 97-04, for 2 hours
at 2000° F
‹‹ Built with strict independent
third-party quality control
‹‹ Local codes supercede National
Consensus codes. Please check with
AHJ before purchasing equipment.
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