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Lube Tanks
Dependable Storage for Lube Oils
Lube Tanks provide safe and
dependable bulk storage for all
types of motor oils. Their superior
steel-welded construction makes
them tougher than plastic tanks and
they are more resistant to potential
impacts and punctures common to
vehicle maintenance facility operations.
Lube Tanks are manufactured in a
wide range of styles and capacities
to meet all your replacement or new
construction requirements.
‹‹ Fast lube service centers
‹‹ Car dealerships
‹‹ Vehicle maintenance and
repair facilities
‹‹ Waste oil storage facilities
‹‹ Industrial facilities
Construction and Compliance
Lube Tanks are constructed, tested
and labeled in strict accordance with
specifications in single-wall
or double-wall configurations. The
tanks meet or exceed the NFPA’s
regulations for aboveground storage
tanks for lubrication products and are
compatible with new or used petroleum
based or synthetic motor oils.
Standard tanks are fabricated using
hot-rolled carbon steel. Stainless steel
construction is also available.
Standard Tank Features
‹‹ UL-142
‹‹ Capacity: 120-20,000 gallons
‹‹ Carbon steel thickness from
12 gauge to 1/2"
‹‹ Exterior full fillet lap joints for added
“ribbed” strength
‹‹ Seam inspection and 5 psi
factory air test
‹‹ Connections for normal and
emergency venting, gauging, filling
and product piping
‹‹ Lifting lugs
‹‹ Structural supports underneath
for easy installation
‹‹ Primer paint
Highland Tank builds lube tanks in
several styles. Rectangular double-
wall Lube Tanks are the most popular.
Bench Top tanks are another common
Lube Tank. These sturdy tanks are
designed for use where space is at a
premium by providing a convenient
workbench on the top of the tank. Our
Lube Tank product line also includes
Catwalk and Under Catwalk designs.
These units are designed to optimize
space at fast lube service centers or
vehicle maintenance facilities.
We have a wide variety of options and
accessories to customize your Lube
Tanks. The tanks can be equipped
with bulkheads to create smaller
compartments within a larger tank.
Pump mounts, spill boxes and an
assortment of equipment packages are
also available to the tank to customize
your installation. Any necessary
access or structural steelwork can be
fabricated to your specifications.
New York City approved
Lube Tanks are available.
Lube Tanks are available in catwalk,
under catwalk and bench top designs.
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