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Hopper Tanks
Hoppers are low profile, secondarily
contained, aboveground storage
tanks. They are suitable for the
storage of all types of motor fuels,
biofuels, new and used oils, waste
solvents and antifreeze. The Hopper
consists of an inner tank placed in
a second tub-like steel container,
which provides a minimum of 110%
secondary containment. Hoppers
are manufactured to UL-142
specifications; UL-2085 for Fire-
Hoppers. A limited number of options,
such as pump mounts, pump and tank
accessories and finish paints
are available.
Standard Hopper Features
‹‹ UL-142
UL-2085 label for Fire-Hopper
‹‹ Flat flanged heads
‹‹ Capacities: 120-3,000 gallons
‹‹ Seam inspection and 5 psi factory air
test on primary tank
‹‹ Connections for normal and
emergency venting, gauging, filling
and product piping 2" x 8" Vent pipe
with mushroom (normal) vent
‹‹ 4" or 6" Emergency vent
‹‹ 2" Interstitial monitoring tube
‹‹ Elevation support
‹‹ Lifting lug
‹‹ Primer paint
Tank Supports
Outer Hopper
Sides and
Bottom Only
Primary Tank
Seal Welded
To Roof
2" Monitoring Tube
4" Spare
3-2" Fittings
for suction,
and vent.
4"-6" Emergency
2" x 8" Vent Pipe
with normal vent
12" x 18"
with Hinged
Lid – 2' fill
with locking
cap & 1/2"
Fire Suppression
System Mounting
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