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Custom Quality in Every Detail
LPG Vessels
Large LPG Vessels provide fuel for a
wide range of industrial, commercial
and agricultural equipment including:
‹‹ Commercial and residential
heating fuel
‹‹ Fleet vehicle fueling by school
districts, government agencies and
public transit companies
‹‹ Agricultural: crop drying, vehicle fuel
and weed control
‹‹ Redundant fuel source for hospitals
and other institutional, commercial
and industrial properties
‹‹ Standby electric generators
‹‹ Distribution for consumers
‹‹ Autogas
Highland Tank is the leader in the steel
tank industry and has been building
ASME pressure vessels for decades.
Years of experience enable Highland
Tank to provide solutions to the most
challenging tank needs. A team of
professionals in design, engineering,
fabrication and service bring many
features and tactics from other steel
tank fields to the LPG market. These
innovative techniques improve overall
quality and life of the vessel while
simplifying tank installation and
everyday use. The flexibillity to build
custom vessels sets HIghland Tank
apart from the competition.
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