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Standard Vessel Features
‹‹ Volume: 3,900-60,000 USWG
‹‹ ASME “U” Stamp
‹‹ 2:1 Elliptical heads – utilizes less space
on property
‹‹ National Board Registration
‹‹ Test Pressure 325 psi (250 psi WP
at 125º F
‹‹ RT3 X-Ray Inspection
‹‹ Flanged manway
‹‹ SA516-70 high strength carbon steel
‹‹ Grounding connectors
‹‹ Grit blasted/coated with white urethane
topcoat (aboveground)
‹‹ Grit blasted/coated with 75 mils of
HighGuard coating (underground)
‹‹ External connections and outlets (valves
or fittings not included)
‹‹ Lift Lugs
‹‹ Cofferdam work chamber for easy access
LPG Vessels are designed and constructed
to ASME, Section VIII, Division I and NFPA
58 “Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code” for
stationary use vessels. Standard vessel
sizes for industrial and commercial bulk
uses range from 3,900 to 60,000 gallons.
Standard LPG vessels are constructed
using SA516 Grade 70 steel, employing
full-penetration butt welds on all seams.
Normal operating pressure is 250 psi
at 125° F.
LPG Vessels
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