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Engineered Solutions for Safe Underground Storage
Underground Tanks
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Construction and Compliance
Each tank is constructed with
advanced technology utilizing a
skilled work force and stringent
quality control procedures. The
tanks are tested and labeled in
strict accordance with Underwriters
Laboratories, Inc. Standards:
‹‹ UL-58, Standard for Safety Steel
Underground Tanks for Flammable
and Combustible liquids
‹‹ UL-1746, External Corrosion
Protection Systems for Steel
Underground Tanks
Additionally, tank dimensions and
thicknesses are calculated in strict
compliance with Roark’s Formulas
for Stress and Strain as presented
in UL-58.
Standard Tank Features
‹‹ Capacities from240-60,000 gallons
‹‹ Exterior full fillet lap joints give tanks
added “ribbed” strength
‹‹ Striker plates under every opening,
protecting the internal tank surface
‹‹ Seam inspection and 5 psi
factory air test
‹‹ Underground double-wall tanks
are shipped with a full vacuum on
the interstice, eliminating the need for
on-site leak testing
In addition, you have the flexibility of
customizing tank fittings, manways,
dimensions and compartments to suit
your requirements. We offer a variety
of industry-proven corrosion protection
systems, specifically our high
performance, high-build polyurethanes.
They are so tough that our tanks can
be installed using a variety of
backfill materials.
We ship our tanks with easy-to-use
installation instructions, backed up by
a trained staff of professionals, to assist
you during installation and start-up.
Maintenance instructions can always
be found at
Highland Tank underground steel tanks provide superior structural strength,
product compatibility and durability. They are designed to withstand the rigors of
the underground environment and are serviceable for storage of a wide range of
petroleum products and other hazardous liquids. All of our tanks meet or exceed
the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations for underground
storage of petroleum and chemical products.
Steel storage tanks have been shown
to be satisfactory for storing 100%
ethanol and E-blend gasoline. Steel
tanks have been used to store alcohols
for more than 50 years without
documented compatibility problems.
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