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Superior Tanks for a Tough Environment
The HighGuard features a strong
dielectric coating of high solids
polyurethane for protection even under
the most difficult conditions. HighGuard
resists surface damage due to impact
or abrasion that may occur during
transportation, rigging and installation.
In fact, HighGuard underground
storage tanks are so tough they require
no cathodic protection or expensive
corrosion monitoring. They out-perform
fiberglass-reinforced polyester (FRP)
clad tanks and require absolutely no
artificial reinforcement.
HighGuard is superior in strength
and rugged in appearance. After
manufacturing and rigorous testing,
the tank’s exterior surfaces are
commercially blasted with steel grit in
preparation for coating.
The HighGuard protective coating
is a dense, solvent-free, tar-free,
two component polyurethane
coating system with high impact
properties and tensile strength. The
coating is spray-applied with special
equipment that ensures an even
application of 75 mils over the entire
surface of the tank. The finished tank
is quality checked by a 15,000-volt
spark test to ensure coating integrity
and effective corrosion protection that
can be measured in decades, rather
than years.
HighGuard Features
‹‹ UL-58 and UL-1746 compliant
‹‹ Provides 75 mils dielectric
polyurethane protection
‹‹ Cured films are free of pores
‹‹ Must pass a 15,000 volt spark test
before shipment
‹‹ Strong, flexible and resistant to
impact, abrasion and corrosion
‹‹ No cathodic protection
monitoring required
‹‹ Highland standard 10-year
limited warranty
‹‹ Highland 30-year limited warranty
is available
Flexible Designs
‹‹ Volumes from 240-50,000 gallons
‹‹ Custom sizes
‹‹ Multi-product storage
Product Compatible
‹‹ Alternate fuel compatible without the
additional cost of internal linings
‹‹ Safe storage for all motor fuels and
biofuels, including biodiesel and
ethanol blends
Environmentally Friendly
‹‹ Most environmentally-friendly coating
on the market
‹‹ Uses no hazardous materials
in production
‹‹ Can be disposed of as a
non-hazardous material – steel tanks
are 100% recyclable
Steel Primary Tank
10 Ga. to 3/8" thick
A 75 mil (min)
of coating is
applied to the
steel grit-blasted
tank surface
Cost Effective
‹‹ On a total installed-cost basis,
HighGuard’s cost is less than any
other unmonitored tank configuration
on the market today
‹‹ No job site spark or air
test required
‹‹ Lightweight construction for lower
shipping and handling costs
A 75 mil (min) coating
is applied to the steel
grit-blasted tank surface
UL-Listed Steel
Primary Tank 0
gauge to .375"
Double-Wall Tank
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