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Double-Wall Jacketed Tank
Innovative Secondary Conntainment
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is the most technologically
advanced double-wall underground
storage tank available in the industry.
Our patented “fusion bond” technology
bonds a high molecular weight (HMW)
polymer outer tank to a steel inner tank
at every tank opening. The process
utilizes high heat and pressure to create
a virtually leak and damage-proof outer
thermoplastic tank. TITAN
is so tough,
it surpasses the performance
standards of Underwriters Laboratories,
Inc. UL-1746.
The Ultimate in Secondary
assures 100% secondary
containment with its 100 mil thick HMW
polymer outer tank. Thorough UL-1746
interstitial communication performance
testing assures that each TITAN
can alert its owner of a problem in as
little as 5 minutes.
‹‹ UL-58 and UL-1746 compliant
‹‹ 100% secondary containment
‹‹ Superior strength – virtually
damage-proof exterior
‹‹ Low installation costs
‹‹ No cathodic protection
monitoring required
‹‹ Highland standard 10-year
limited warranty
Flexible Designs
‹‹ Volumes from 500-29,800 gallons
‹‹ Multi-product storage compartments
Product Compatible
‹‹ Alternate fuel compatible without the
additional cost of internal linings
‹‹ Both primary and secondary tank
walls are compatible with all motor
fuels and biofuels, including biodiesel
and ethanol blends
‹‹ Dielectric HMW polymer outer tank
totally encapsulates the heavy-duty
UL-58 steel tank
‹‹ Factory-activated vacuum tightness
test assures inner and outer tank
integrity at delivery, eliminating job
site tightness test by installers
‹‹ Flat head construction reduces
installation costs. At 19% shorter
than domed-end tanks, the TITAN
requires less excavation and backfill
‹‹ Installation is easy with a choice of
proven backfill materials
‹‹ Single and double bulkhead
compartments can further reduce
installation, insurance, monitoring
and maintenance costs
tanks are fabricated at
multiple locations, making them
available for quick delivery to meet
your tight installation schedule
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