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The HotShot is the most innovative
heated product storage tank system in
the industry. The HotShot is designed
specifically for the safe storage of
heavy residual fuel oils (RFO), such as
No. 6 fuel oil. Since No. 6 fuel oil is so
thick and viscous, users heat the oil
to over 150 degrees Fahrenheit before
burning it. Due to the complexity of
storing the heated fuel, RFO users
must be on constant guard against the
environmental hazards brought about
by faulty storage tanks.
The HotShot design and construction is
multi-layered for optimum performance
and safety. We begin with a steel
storage tank designed and constructed
in accordance with UL-58 standards
and certifications, as well as to
customer specified design criteria. The
tank surfaces are protected against
corrosion with a firmly bonded, damage
resistant coating. An industrial high-
temperature, two-part catalyzed interior
coating is applied over a grit blast for
maximum interior surface protection.
Additionally, a high temperature
resistive exterior coating, coupled with
a pre-engineered cathodic protection
system, creates a dependable dielectric
barrier between the tank and the
underground environment.
Standard Features
‹‹ Capacities: 3,000-50,000 gallons
‹‹ OSHA compliant 36" diameter
access manway(s)
‹‹ Flanged fittings
‹‹ Shrouded heating coil
‹‹ Exterior corrosion protection
system featuring:
• High-temperature
dielectric coating
• Electrical isolation
• Cathodic protection employing
sacrificial anodes
‹‹ Interior high-temperature, two-part
catalyzed coating
‹‹ Highland 5-year limited warranty
‹‹ Electric heating elements
‹‹ Double-wall construction
‹‹ Level & leak detection system
‹‹ 2" injected foam insulation between
tank walls
HotShot tanks have proven themselves
in many applications and under the
most extreme RFO storage conditions:
‹‹ Large institutional facilities
‹‹ Schools, universities, hospitals
and prisons
‹‹ Electric power plants
‹‹ Large apartment and
commercial buildings
‹‹ Industries that maintain open-hearth
furnaces, steam boilers and kilns
Heated Residual Fuel Oil Storage Tank
Multi-Layered Engineering for Optimum Performance and Safety
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