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NYC Underground Steel Storage Tanks
NYC Heating Oil Tanks meet the city’s
Building Code Regulations and are
used for storage of commercial grade
heating oils. NYC Motor Fuel Storage
Tanks meet the city’s fire department
regulations and are installed when
safe storage of gasoline and diesel
motor fuels, including the ethanol and
biodiesel blends, is required. The New
York City Fire Department limits motor
fuel storage to a maximum of 12,000
gallons per tank. NYC storage tanks
are approved and labeled for service in
New York City.
NYC Tanks are fabricated in strict
accordance with UL-58 double-wall
construction, using flanged and
dished heads.
The interstice can be monitored with
a New York City approved electronic
leak detection equipment. Seal welded
striker plates under all openings are
standard and all tanks are
factory tested.
The primary tank is hydrostatically
tested at 30-50 psi while the interstice
is air pressure tested at 5-10 psi.
NYC Tanks are available with either the
Steel Tank Institute’s ACT-100-U
or STI-P3
corrosion protection
system with STI standard 10-year
limited warranty.
A variety of optional equipment and
accessories is available for tailoring
NYC Tanks to meet your specified
design criteria.
NYC Tanks with their thicker steel, dished heads, double-wall construction
and advanced corrosion protection systems conform to the requirements
of the New York City Administrative Code, New York State DEC and United
States EPA regulations.
Flanged and Dished Head
Flat Flanged Head
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