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Customized To Meet Your Specific Needs
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Highland Tank’s accessory line is designed to augment our wide selection of Petroleum and Chemical Liquid Storage Tanks,
making it easy to quickly and efficiently turn any of our tanks into a complete operating system. Take the guesswork out of your
installation with the use of one of our comprehensive master installation kits.
1. Hold-Down Straps
Designed to secure tanks in areas
where high water levels may result
in flotation. Hold-Down Straps are
available in four different designs to
accommodate specific installation
requirements: Standard Steel, Safety,
Deadmen and Polyester.
(See pp. 56-59 for details).
2. Concrete Deadmen Anchors
Deadmen help anchor underground
tanks in installations in which there is
potential for high water. They are used
with our standard underground storage
tanks from 500 to 50,000 gallons.
(See p. 56 for details).
3. Tank Support Systems
These systems are designed to
support the tank, keep it stationary and
elevate the tank to minimize corrosion
concerns and allow for easy visual
inspection. Tank Support Systems
are available in three different designs
to accommodate specific installation
requirements: UL Saddles, Supports
and Skids. (See pp. 60-63 for details).
4. Ladders, Stairs,
Platforms and Walkways
Internal and external ladders,
stairs, platforms and walkways are
designed to comply with strict OSHA
specifications. Mounting brackets
and other structural accommodations
can be factory-fitted to facilitate field
installation. (See pp. 64-65 for details).
5. Manways, Extensions
and Tank-Top Sumps with
Double Ring Manways
Manways provide access to the tank
and include a bolted cover and gasket.
The cover provides a convenient
location for fittings. Extensions and
Tank-Top Sumps with Double Ring
Manways are project specific.
(See p. 66 for details).
6. Grade Level Manways (GLM)
Designed to AASHTO H20
requirements. Each manway is
constructed of A36 steel plate from
10 gauge to .25" thick, with lids of
.375" reinforced checkered steel
plate. Round GLMs are available in
sizes ranging from 12"-48" diameter.
Rectangular GLMs are available in
widths from 48"-72" and lengths from
48"-150". (See p. 67 for details).
7. Insulation Systems
Selection includes external batt
with metal jacket, external spray-on
insulation or injected insulation.
8. Electric, Steam or Hot
Water Thermal Fluid Heaters
These provide temperature control
for heat sensitive fluids.
9. Complete Pump System Packages
These packages can be either platform
or tank mounted.
10. Overfill Containment Chamber
Overfill protection containment
chambers with or without locking
lids are available. A small hand pump is
also available for returning any spilled
product to the tank.
11. Alarm and Control Panels
These provide a comprehensive panel
selection for leak and level alarm.
12. Leak and Level Sensors
Leaks are prevented by a wide variety
of sensors used to detect leaks or
liquid levels.
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