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UL Saddles
UL Saddles are designed for a specific
diameter horizontal storage tank and
fabricated to the latest UL-142
standards. They can be welded directly
to the tank or shipped loose.
Saddle Features
‹‹ Heavy-duty UL-142
construction for long-term durability
‹‹ Standard saddles provide 6" of
clearance and are available up to 12"
high (Saddles higher than 12" must
be protected with a fire resistant
material with a two-hour fire rating)
‹‹ Only two properly positioned saddles
per tank required
‹‹ Four 1-1/8" diameter bolt holes are
provided to secure the saddles to the
concrete pad or piers
‹‹ Saddles are painted to the same
specifications as the tank
Secure Fluid Storage
Our tank saddles are used to provide
longitudinal support, maintain the
tank’s position and elevation and
help minimize corrosion. They also
provide clearance for complete visual
inspection of the underside of
the tanks.
Highland’s integral seal-welded tank
saddles are constructed in accordance
with Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc.
and designed to support the full load
of tank and contents. Our new two
saddle system is easy to install and
service. Additionally, the tank saddles
can be anchored to a concrete pad to
help protect the tank from movement
or flotation.
Tank Saddles
Tank Saddles allow for visual
inspection of the entire
storage tank in accordance
to the requirements of
the EPA’s SPCC rule.
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