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Highland Tank Sets the Standard
Few names in the field of storage tank manufacturing are as widely recognized as Highland Tank.
Our products are available in a vast range of sizes, all types of construction and a variety of options.
Design Standards
Highland Tank fabricates tanks
and vessels to a wide range of
specifications and standards.
‹‹ Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
UL-58, UL-80, UL-142
, UL-1746,
‹‹ National Fire Protection Association
NFPA 22, NFPA 30-30A, NFPA 58
‹‹ American Petroleum Institute
‹‹ API-650, API-12F
‹‹ American Water Works Association
‹‹ Occupational and Safety Health
Administration OSHA
‹‹ Southwest Research Institute
SWRI 97-04
We can supply a full range of
equipment packages, and we excel
in custom fabrication for those
unique situations.
Material Selection
The fabrication process begins with
the rolling of steel that meets ASTM
specifications. Steel plates from 7
gauge to 1.25" are rolled to form the
rigid shell.
Steel plates are formed, fitted and
lap-welded to provide superior
“ribbed” strength. Flat-flanged heads
are standard, as are continuous
exterior welds on all joints. Impervious
bulkheads are added to create
compartments for multiple fluid
storage options.
Fittings of various sizes and styles
enable connections to external piping
systems. Emergency vent fittings
are standard on all aboveground
fuel storage tanks 24" diameter, or
larger. Cylindrical or large rectangular
manways allow for convenient access
for inspection and maintenance.
100% Secondary Containment
Double-wall tanks are constructed
by wrapping an impervious
secondary wall completely around
the primary tank.
The space between the two walls,
known as the interstice, assures a
rapid fluid migration rate not less than
one centimeter per second, vastly
superior to the allowable rate. The
interstitial space can be electronically
monitored to immediately detect a leak;
any breach in the wall of the tank that
results in a leak can be immediately
addressed without impacting
the environment.
Emergency vent fittings are standard
on both the inner and outer tanks of
double-wall aboveground fuel storage
tanks, per fire codes.
Single-Wall Construction
Double-Wall Construction
Primary Tank
Monitoring Pipe
HighGuard or Other Exterior
Protective Coating
Primary Tank
Tank Interstice
Secondary Tank
Double-Wall UL-2085
Double-Wall UL-1746
Primary Tank
Tank Interstice
UI-142 Steel
Inner Tank
UI-142 Steel
Outer Tank
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