Petroleum and Chemical Storage Tanks - page 9

The Ultimate Protection
(DW UL-2085)
fire-protected tanks are
cylindrical or rectangular double-wall
aboveground tanks. The exterior steel
wall provides superior weatherability
and low-cost maintenance. The
interstice, a minimum of 3" around the
inner tank, is filled with a lightweight
material which provides thermal
insulation for a 2-hour minimum
fire rating.
Both inner and outer tanks can be
tightness tested and are equipped with
emergency vent fittings. Our Fireguard
tanks meet or exceed required
standards for protected, insulated,
fire-rated storage tanks.
Unique Secondary Containment
(DW UL-1746)
The inner tank is constructed similarly
to a UL-58 single-wall steel tank,
but the outer thermoplastic tank is
made from a high molecular weight
polymer creating a tough, economical
double-wall tank. The interstice
design assures fluid migration to the
monitoring system. This innovative tank
technology is Highland Tank’s
Factory Testing
A 5 PSI factory air test and seam
inspection is conducted on every
storage tank. All underground
double-wall storage tanks are shipped
with a vacuum on the interstice for
continuous testing to guarantee
integrity of both the primary and
secondary tanks.
Performance Coatings
Proper surface preparation is an
important factor in any successful
coating or lining. Quality assurance
is maintained through Highland’s
complete in-house grit blast cleaning,
finishing and curing facilities. Our
facilities are temperature-controlled for
year-round application. Only qualified
and experienced personnel, working
under stringent guidelines, spray applied
high-performance formulations, including
epoxies and high-build polyurethanes.
Exterior coatings and interior linings are
selected to meet specific site conditions
and service requirements.
Highland Tank and Steel Tank
Institute specifications are followed
to assure complete internal and external
corrosion protection.
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