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Advanced Corrosion Protection
Performance Coatings
Proper surface preparation is an
important factor in any successful
coating or lining. Quality assurance
is maintained through Highland Tank's
complete in-house grit blast cleaning,
finishing and curing facilities.
Our facilities are temperature-controlled
for year-round application. Only
qualified and experienced personnel,
working under stringent guidelines, are
permitted to apply our wide range of
spray-applied high performance
formulations, including epoxies and
high-build polyurethanes. Exterior
coatings and interior linings
are selected to meet specific site
conditions and service requirements.
The HighGuard corrosion protection
system is Highland Tank's own
innovative coating. This coating
demonstrates an excellent balance
of flexibility, impact strength and
protection from abrasion and corrosion.
The plural-component polyurethane
has been approved by Underwriters
Laboratories, Inc. under UL 1746 Part IV.
s 75 mil thick coating
provides permanent and fully effective
corrosion protection that can be
measured in decades rather than years.
In addition to HighGuard, Highland
Tank also offers several Steel Tank
Institute approved systems, with
or without pre-engineered
cathodic protection.
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