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Oil/Water Separators
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Featuring Patented Corella
Highland Tank provides the strongest
and most reliable oil/water separators
in the industry.
Our separators are designed to remove
oil, grease, light petroleum products
and oily-coated solids from a variety
of wastewater discharges.
They are typically installed in industrial
areas and receive oily wastewater
generated during processes such as
bulk petroleum storage and handling,
aircraft and vehicle fueling, maintenance
and washing and environmental
remediation of petroleum
contaminated sites.
The effluent from oil/water separators
is typically discharged to either a storm
sewer or a sanitary sewer system.
Since 1986, Highland
s Oil/Water
Separators have set the standard for
reliability. Our parallel plate separators
are highly efficient — treating
wastewater under a wide range
of conditions.
Unlike other oil/water separators,
they are easy to install, operate and
A wide range of industrial applications
require high-efficiency oil/water
separators. Some examples include:
• Airports & Aircraft Services
• Electric Utilities & Power Plants
• Environmental Remediation
• Industrial Facilities
• Military & Government
• Municipalities
• Petroleum Production &
Marketing Facilities
• Railroad Yards
• Transportation Companies
They are also located in vehicle service
areas associated with each of these
• Fueling Facilities
• Repair and Maintenance Shops
• Wash Areas
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