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Unparalleled in Performance
Our separators are unparalleled in
performance, ease of maintenance,
structural strength, product compatibility
and corrosion resistance. With over
15,000 units in commercial operation
worldwide, our patented oil/water
separators have a proven record of
Highland Tank's engineers have
designed a functional means of primary
separation that meets and surpasses
federal, state and local oil and grease
discharge limitation requirements.
• Highland's separators can be
designed to handle high flow rates
and remove oils with specific
gravities from 0 to .95
• API-421 design criteria can be
employed to engineer a separator
to the specified wastewater flow
rate, temperature, oil globule size
and specific gravity of oil
and wastewater
• Effluent quality down to 10 ppm
has been consistently demonstrated
on our high-performance Mode
HTC UL-SU2215 labeled
oil/water separators
Our products are available in a wide
range of standard sizes and capacities
available in either single-wall or double-
wall construction. Double-wall oil/water
separators with electronic leak etection
are required for those states and
counties where underground oil/water
separators are considered to be
"commercial underground storage
More importantly, they may be
mandated if the EPA's proposal to
eliminate the deferral on certain
wastewater treatment tanks is
We also offer a variety of design
options complete accessory packages,
including leak and level sensors, alarm/
control panels, influent, effluent and oil
pump systems. Whether your oil/water
separator application is for emergency
spill control or high performance
wastewater treatment, Highland Tank
has the product for you.
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