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The Corella
The Corella
inclined parallel plate
coalescer combines the features of
both a flat plate separator and a
corrugated plate separator into a
design that performs
better than traditional plate coalescers.
The primary reason for oil/water
separator failure is coalescing plates
clogging with settleable solids. The
solves the problem of
extensive separator shutdown and
maintenance by simultaneously
separating free oil droplets and
settleable or suspended solids from
water, without clogging the coalescer.
The difference lies in our precise
manufacturing of the coalescer with
inclined parallel plates that are flat on
the top and corrugated on the bottom.
The plates are constructed and
arranged to allow settleable solids to
accumulate on the flat top of the plates
and slide downward, while the oil
coalesces into sheets on the corrugated
undersides and flows upward. Unlike
other oil/water separators, both oil
and solids can be removed without
shutting down the separator for
periodic cleaning.
Utilizing Highland's EZ Access
manways, inspection of the Corella
is made easy, without a dangerous
confined space entry. Both oil and
solids can be removed without shutting
down the separator. The access from
above permits separator pumpout and
cleaning using a high-pressure washer
with the coalescer in place, so that
hazardous materials are not discharged
at grade during the cleaning process.
design performs
better than traditional plate coalescers.
plate packs are available with
a variety of pack lengths and angles
and are tailored to the specified
separator duty. They can be configured
to meet a wide variety of capacities and
conditions and can be integrated with
many other unit operations to provide
a total solution to a water treatment
Features, Advantages & Benefits
• Permits separation of mixtures
containing both oil and settleable
solids without the solids clogging
the coalescer
• Provides improved oil separating
• Operates on water temperatures
from 40
to 120
F (Higher operating
temperature units are available)
• Handles wide range and specific
gravities of oil and suspended
particle concentration
• Manufactured of oleophilic
(oil-attracting) materials or
stainless steel
• Constructed using multiple
cartridges to allow for easy removal
• Custom packs are available for
higher flow rates, temperatures or
solids loading
Core a
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